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Prompts and Non-Fandom Drabbles

prompts and drabbles
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Welcome to Non-Fandom Drabbles.

This community was created for two purposes. The first is to provide a place for people to post drabbles that aren't related to any fandom (read on if any of that's confusing). The second is to provide prompts to inspire any piece of writing whatsoever, even things that can't be posted here, because there will never be too many ideas in the world. You're welcome to friend this community just for the prompts, but if you do use any of them in something you post elsewhere a mention of this community would be much appreciated.

A drabble is a piece of writing exactly 100 words long. It can have a title that isn't included in the word count, but shouldn't itself be longer than 10 words. Drabbles generally take less than 10 minutes to write, with up to an hour of editing. You can tell a story or convey a feeling, but you have to figure out what is important and what isn't, and carefully structure your writing to get your point across in the right number of words. If you've ever tried to write haikus, you'll know what a challenging and thought-provoking exercise they can be. A drabble is a bit longer and less restrictive, but still makes you weigh every word carefully. It's also slightly less time consuming than a three volume novel, which makes it a nice exercise for busy people.

Fandom is a group of like-minded fans. Anything that has fans has a fandom. That includes books, films, bands, sports teams and the like. There are loads of places on LJ dedicated to various fandoms. This is a place for things you've written about pretty much anything else.

If you write a double drabble (200 words), you can post a link to it here. For more information about what you can post here, please check the community rules. Joining this community implies you've read the rules, ignorance is no defence. You get two warnings, this is the first.

We'll be posting weekly prompts, every Saturday. This isn't a challenge community, and there are no deadlines. A list of all the prompts used so far can be found here. If you have a suggestion for a prompt, please add it to this post.

If you're not sure about anything or you're unhappy with something that's been said in a post or a comment, your first point of contact is gonewithoutjam at yahoo dot co dot uk. Likewise, if you have a suggestion please email it.

round_the_block - a community for helping writers overcome blocks and lack of inspiration.

If you'd like to affiliate just let us know.

We are also on IJ as non_fandom_100. Feel free to join us there.